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Wow long time between my last post here, but thats because life has been busy. I am now working a day shift at Atlas Queensway for 5 weeks, to fill in until they find a full time person for the position. Initially, I really hated it since I was sick that week and I didn't know what to do, but now after I've settled down things are okay. The trip here is an hour and a half, but by the subway, so I don't mind it all too much. 

Scott and Laura are getting married, didn't know if I brought that up. I see them about every weekend and terribly miss them when I don't. I am glad to have such good friends. We watched a japanese horror movie called Infection, which was gruesome, but pretty bad in all. Confusing plot that no one quite understood, despite what Scott said about it :P

Grant and Tonya are back together, they went to a cottage this weekend. Grant seems very happy with that.

I absolutely love Issue 9 of City of Heroes. The crafting system is great and makes me enjoy playing my level 50 Defender. I convinced Nathan and Danille to play, it's fun to have friends about, even if Danille prefered to solo mission.

FRO is getting exciting, with a violent succession seemingly around the corner. I hope my character can take advantage of that. I found a roleplaying group online and I am hoping that I'll be able to join them. God willing, they are not serial killers.

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I haven't made a post in a week or two, so lets see what I can remember out of the last two weeks for important happenings. On saturday we went to karokee, and sadly they were having a championship boxing game, so the karokee only lasted an hour. Still, we hung around and had allot of drinks and food in the meantime, so it was still fun. Me and Scott sang the Spider-Man theme, we kicked it's ass. Scott did some Bowie song, but he didn't do very well on it unfortunately.

Grant left early (he's a bit of a wet blanket, always tired *rolls eyes*) and the next day he canceled on roleplaying, and Scott doesn't want to play with only two people, so that got canceled two, second week in a row. At the very least it gives me more time to plan the game. I am very poor on planning these days.

Work is still going very well. I am very comfterable with the money that I make. I've put allot away into savings and I still have enough money to well, piss allot of it down the drain ^_^

I went to Me-va-me a greek place for lunch today, had a chicken breast sandwich pita. I should stop eating there really, the food is very rich and makes me feel somewhat sick to my stomach afterwards. Good at the time though and so tasty on the way to work *drools*

I've been playing City of Heroes obsessively all week. Issue 9 came out and I'm obsessed with the badges and crafting system. I've been getting to play my level 50 Defender allot, which is good because before this I barely ever pulled him out of the cupboard. So I'm really happy there. I get to play with danielle from time to time. And I actually got to play with Claudia this weekend.

I'm actually unhappy with the state of FRO, mostly nothing seems to be happening. Atleast there are some influence events going on. But I'm not sure what I can do to improve things. Thinking about starting my DnD chat up again, we'll have to see about it.
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This weekend was pretty fun, we went to karokee on Saturday. I sang Blue Monday and kicked the songs ass. Scott did a David Bowie Song (This is Major Tom to Ground Control....) and he really did amazingly well. He needs a bit more self confidence, since his voice kicks ass. Laura and her friend Beth didn't like it very much it seems, they didn't like the crowd there. Still I had a blast.

The next day we played DnD in the evening. I brought some of my expansion books and immediately Scott hit ADD mode (Not Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, the other one) and decided he wanted to play something in there. So I had the big boss monster jump in and rip his character apart. And now he's playing a Halfling Warlock. I forgot my notes at home, so the game was a bit uneven at times, but I still think it went well. The only problem was that Laura, Scotts fiancee was wearing a pretty loose tank top and sitting on the floor, so I had to avert my eyes to avoid looking at her clevage everytime I talked to her. Would have been uncomfterable had I ended up starring, not to mention rude.
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Just realised that none of the friends I have in this journal ever post. Which is a litle depressing. I usually check up Bad RPers suck on my old login.

Lets see, last week was pretty good. We went to a brewery on Saturday, got a tour, a pint glass and all the beer we could sample for $8, it was well worth it. There I met a woman named Izzy who frontlines a band apparently. She seemed pretty damn cool. Oh and great news, Scott and Laura are getting married! I'm going to be the best man. I'm very honoured though I suppose scott put less thought into it than I think. Still, so very cool.

I think I've realised something rather depressing. When most people see a beautiful woman on the street, it's a positive thing. Me? I get depressed. I become sad thinking that I'm never going to be with a woman like that. It's a terrible way to think. Very negative and in all, probably not true. The secret between a happy and a sad person is simply the will to stay positive about the problems in their life.

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After a difficult few weeks, things seem to be back under control at work. Which I am very glad to see, a work environment which is always so stressful is not a place that I want to be. Grant seems to be settling into his new job very well and if everything works out to our liking we should be moving come August.

FRO is good at the moment. We could use some more Full Blue GM's and badly, but beyond that things are okay. My character is alive and kicking, he even has the occasional plan going in his direction, so things continue to be fun.

Going to a beer tasting on Saturday with Scott and Laura. Their my best friends, they really are, but sometimes I feel like a 3rd wheel with them. It would be nice to have a girl of my own so we could do things are couples. But still, we always have fun and their great.

Easter was okay, nice to see my parents and my Big Sister. Got some good food and some food conversation, though everyone else drinks wine and I don't, so it makes conversation with a bit of a drinky family a bit awkward for me. Mom plans to send us all on a cruise next year, which would be lots of fun, if I can ever get my beach body beach worthy >_>

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I'm in a very pissy mood today. Which is sadly the word for it. Pissy. I lose patience with just about everyone five minutes before speaking to them. I think it's because I skipped lunch. So I'm being a prick to everyone. Avoid me today.

I owe the government 200 dollar, stupid taxes. Everyone else in my family recieved money. But I still have good amount of bucks in the bank. Just no more stupid spending for the next while. Grant and I want to find a new apartment, hopefully only a few months away. Finally, a nice place to call my own!

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

And it really is, it's gorgeous outside today. The warm sun felt so good after all that winter chill. You just feel like curling up to the sun like a cat on a radiator. Something like that 'll put anyone into a good mood.

Mind, my plans for the Master Archer competition didn't go well since no other GM's volenteered to do anything for it. boourns. So I'm going to have to run it via forums.

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The Oldest One, has evil ever looked so good?
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Here is what my super cool Defender Jake Summers looks like in his various costumes. Very cool indeed.
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urk, it's raining today and naturally, because going to work requires a bit of walking for me, I'm soaked. Fun way to start your work day. Grant and I went out for lunch today, he got a new job which he is very pleased with. I'm going to be pleased too, as he complains about his current job constantly. So a real step up for my buddy. I've got Mel and Grant playing City of Heroes now, sadly since we have different job times we don't get to play allot, but I am looking forward to this weekend when we can all play together.

At some point remind me to put pics of all my heroes and villians up on here, many of them are cool looking. Some are silly looking (thank you Claudia for the lovely costumes, I made the silly looking ones mostly)

Hopefully the DnD game will go this weekend. As long as the Inventory doesn't last too long.


Oh my DnD game, you kids might want to know the details of that. 3.5 Edition in my own world. It's going very well. The characters are :

St Sebastian the Cleric of Junzo, God of Chaos and Trickery (Played by Scott)

Mialee the Elven Rogue/Bard (Played by Laura)

Kark the Barbarian/Druid (Played by Grant)

Clink the Feral Squirrel (Karks Animal Companion)

I gotta say, I love that squirrel. I should try to do some DnD planning tonight, I otherwise always seem to wait until the last minute to do it.

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